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Clare’s Special Strata – a.k.a – My Special Strata

I came upon this recipe back in 2008 (that’s the date I wrote with pencil in the corner of the recipe) in an issue of “The Monitor”, our Diocesan Newspaper. I loved the idea of not having to take away … Continue reading

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It Comes in Threes

I wish the saying “It Comes in Threes” was about the Wiseman following the North Star to pay homage to the newborn King, Jesus, rather than about death. I don’t believe in the superstition that when one person dies it’s … Continue reading

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If You Are, How Long Have you Been Catholic?

I read an article recently about a Maryland Episcopal parish becoming Catholic. It got me thinking about Catholicism and that maybe it’s on the rise and not the decline anymore. I don’t know, maybe it’s wishful thinking or wishful praying … Continue reading

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Do you Remember the Mighty Mac’s?

I was too young to really remember this but it was back in 1971 when a young lady named Cathy Rush took the Women’s College Basketball League by storm. She would go on to be crowned national champion for the … Continue reading

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Football Makes People Crazy

I was home in bed last week reading my book not bothering anybody and my husband puts on the Monday Night Football game. To be truthful I have been participating in a non-gambling type football pool myself, but I make … Continue reading

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Touch of the Master’s Hand

Several year’s ago my Great Uncle Barney recited this poem to me. For years I thought this poem originated in Ireland because my uncle did not come to America until he was in his 20′s and I was sure he … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping Strategy

Did you finish your Christmas shopping yet? Did you start shopping last January? I know some people that have their gifts all purchased and wrapped an ready for their spot under the Christmas Tree. They tell me they do this … Continue reading

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