Christmas Pageant 2011

This morning I looked up “Christmas Pageant” on Wikipedia and came up with nothing but links to other things like Adelaide Christmas Pageant, Santa Claus Parade and Nativity Play. I figured I meant Nativity Play. What’s an Adelaide Christmas Pageant you ask? Well according to Wikipedia it’s:

The Adelaide Christmas Pageant is a parade held annually in the South Australian capital of Adelaide. It is the largest event of its kind in the world, attracting crowds of over 400,000 and televised to millions more.[citation needed] Recognised as a heritage icon,[1] the pageant is a state institution and is sponsored by six local credit unions.

I’ll stick with the Nativity Play if it’s all the same to you.

This year I have only two family members participating in the Pageant at our church. One year my daughter got to “pretend” to be baby Jesus. That’s something to put on the resume isn’t it? First acting performance: six months old, portrayed a sleeping baby Jesus while on stage with one hundred other actors.

Next week I have one daughter who’ll be an angel and the older daughter will be Narrator #3. We have to work on pronouncing Frankincense and multitude. It’s funny she has said them several years in a row now, but this is the first year she needed to read them and got tripped up at the first practice. No sweat.

I’m thankful this year the Christmas Pageant (aka Nativity Play) will be the week before Christmas. It will be a service not a Mass. I was sorry to see this not be part of a Christmas Eve service but I must admit hundreds of people that have not been in a church in years come to see the Pageant and it’s standing room only. This unfortunately had become more of a show than a Mass so it’s probably best that it’s been changed.

Another plus is that when we go to Mass for Christmas we might actually get a seat. Anyone with kids knows it’s no fun standing through Mass in a church that’s packed to the gills, especially on Christmas.

Maybe next year our Pageant can include some live animals and we can have an angel fly in above the rafters. Oh never mind that’s not a show I’d like to see in Church at Christmas, would you?

Cathi D.


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