Football Makes People Crazy

I was home in bed last week reading my book not bothering anybody and my husband puts on the Monday Night Football game.

To be truthful I have been participating in a non-gambling type football pool myself, but I make my picks by following a crowd (I wait to see who everybody else picks first and pretty much copy theirs). It’s not cheating it’s being lazy. Like I said it’s just for fun there’s no wagers made here.

My husband is a quite man. I mean really quite man. The only time he ever really gets going is when he gets one of my relatives on the phone. Then for some reason he’s able to go on and on about what I did or maybe what I didn’t do recently. Cooking and cleaning seem to always hover at the top of his “What HONEY doesn’t do list”.

So imagine my surprise when he starts shouting loudly, “KILL, KILL, Kill him” at the television. He wouldn’t hurt anyone and really he’s not competitive when it comes to his children playing sports either. I thought for a minute he might have become possessed.

When the headline on the T.V this morning says “Jets Fry Fish” he wasn’t very happy. I give him credit for sticking by his team (the Dolphins) and not jumping ship after a few bad years. Well a few bad years has been more like a decade since Dan Marino retired and I think it just might be time to find another team. Then again, maybe not. I really do respect him for staying faithful to his team. He’s honest, trustworthy and I love him. I do however get just a little bit nervous with the “Kill” rants. I may have to read my book in another room if this is going to continue.

Have you had a similar experience with your loved ones recently? Please share.


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Catholic: daughter, sister, wife, mom of five, friend. I love to read, chat, drink coffee, take long walks, chat, watch movies and did I mention chat?
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