It Comes in Threes

I wish the saying “It Comes in Threes” was about the Wiseman following the North Star to pay homage to the newborn King, Jesus, rather than about death.

I don’t believe in the superstition that when one person dies it’s not too long before you hear of another and then another. Yesterday I was sharing with friends about the passing of a young boy in our community, from cancer, and she said “that’s the third”. I knew what she meant and it’s eery that sometimes you wait to reach the number three.

Unfortunately this child was the second death as a result of cancer that I heard about on the same day. The mother of my sixteen year old son’s friend passed this weekend too. Another boy in our community is on life-support in the hospital, also a result of cancer. I keep hearing the Marvin Gaye tune in my head as I scream (on the inside) “What’s going on”?

Who doesn’t know someone who is battling this disease now or has lost the battle recently? I’m afraid it comes in more than threes. There are no words of comfort here. I don’t know what to say anymore. Statements like “their in a better place” don’t work right now. Here, with their children or their mother is a “better place” if you ask any of them.

When things like this happen so close to Christmas it makes me realize even more that every day we have with our loved ones is a gift. Frantically crossing items off a list, hours spent in the Mall and rushing to send cards mean nothing compared to the loss of a loved one anytime of year. Christmas may not ever be the same again for these families. May God give them the comfort and peace they need and may He hold them in the palm of His hand.

Give them eternal rest, O Lord, and may Your light shine upon them forever. Receive their souls and present them to God the Most High.

Cathi D.


About cathid

Catholic: daughter, sister, wife, mom of five, friend. I love to read, chat, drink coffee, take long walks, chat, watch movies and did I mention chat?
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