Warning – Teenagers cause seizures

You know mothers are never prepared to be the ones who need help or medical care. They are the ones who are supposed to drop everything, never get sick, cook, clean, cook and did I mention drive everywhere. For years I have suggested to my husband that we sell our home and live out of a Winnebago (think of the tax money we would save). I know I didn’t think that all the way through but since I spend most of my waking hours in the car, it seemed like a good idea. I have a great Winnebago memory as a child too. My aunt that hosted Thanksgiving dinner every year had a house fire and rather than change the location we still had dinner in the Winnebago. Yes I am reminded of circus people as I type this. Anyway my cousin and I sat in the two front seats and perused the Christmas catalog while awaiting dinner. Great memories really.

So, back to the seizure thing. It was a Saturday morning at 8 am and rather than awake to the alarm clock as usual, my husband awoke to me screaming and shaking while having a major seizure. I love my husband dearly and the fact that this event didn’t kill him proves to me that he is God’s gift to me and that He has no plans to take him away this soon. Our youngest is only eight and I pray daily (hourly sometimes) that we will both grow old together, lose our memory together and watch tv in different rooms, but always remain together.

My dear husband was shaking so badly and was really in shock that he called my mother, who lives around the corner, to come first. She decided it best to call 911. I’m very glad that she did. I awoke in the ambulance to several people taking my blood pressure and asking me several questions. Many of which I could not answer right away. A few hours later in the Emergency Room I was still a bit out of it, may have had another small seizure or just a panic attic by that time.

My doctor decided to admit me for further testing for which I am very grateful. I then had several days of testing to rule much out but as yet the cause of my seizure was not known and may never be known. Did I mention be careful of what you wish for. This was not the vacation I was looking for. This happened the week before Easter break so I was given six days in the Hospital and another week home for Easter break. The timing really was a gift.

The reason I say that teenagers cause seizures is because the only thing the doctor could say might have contributed to the seizure was sleep deprivation. Yes, menopause can be a factor in not sleeping well but you have to admit having teenagers has a much bigger impact on ones ability to sleep or not sleep as the case may be. In my case I’d usually like to go to bed and be asleep by ten o’clock most nights. Those with teenagers or remember being one, know that that’s about the time they like to actually go out for the evening. My husband snores too so most nights I would get four maybe five completely interrupted hours of sleep. That’s not good. I think having low blood pressure is also a blessing for me as the teenagers are not likely to cause a sudden cardiac arrest but who knows, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I’m home, back to work, medicated and as yet not driving. That I must admit has been the hardest adjustment. Yes, family and friends are picking up the slack but I’m learning that I can’t do everything or be in more than one place at a time. I think I may have managed that in my past life. Spring is just beginning (the groundhog was way wrong this year) and the sun is shining so it’s all good. I am learning to take NOTHING for granted. Appreciate the little things and not to sweat the small stuff. All those post-it note pearls of wisdom are really making sense to me now.

God is so good as my teenager seems to have lightened up just enough so that my husband can handle most of his driving requests and the whole family seems to be sleeping a bit more these days!! I am so thankful for all the prayers, cards, gifts and flowers that I received. You never realize how important your friends and family are until you realize where you’d be if you didn’t have them. Thank you all, you know who you are!!


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